Hi, it's Israel, Founder & Creative Director here at Astrolabe Media Company. The age where smart phones & social media are edging out television in terms of what Americans spend most of their time on is here, and this has meant a shift to a rapidly growing and highly competitive independent multi-media industry.


Why enter such a competitive market?


Honestly, the reason I started creating videos, taking photos, and designing websites for business clients was because I could tell they were getting ripped off by folks waving "college degrees" and "backgrounds in coding." With the resources available today, you don't need some nerd in their mom's basement or in a cubicle to build your website. Literally anybody can do it now... What you need to stand apart is a creative, business savvy designer. Which is where I came into the picture.


I believed I saw businesses both small and large all around me getting ripped off by firms that have been around since the days where every website actually had to be carefully coded, overcharging and dragging out projects as they collectively have begun to fear for the existence of their once secure jobs and "invaluable skills". So I started building them for companies myself. My first paid project was for a company that had spent over $30,000 on their website, and it had taken upwards of 2 years to complete, but then they were frustrated because it was already outdated by completion, and nobody in-house knew how to change anything, it all had to go through the developer.


So I stepped in and for a couple thousand bucks I created a modernized, fresh version of what they had paid so much for, in less than two weeks, using all professional photos and videos I produced myself, for their company, on site... For their initial website, they had to provide all the imagery and content themselves, as if they had claimed to be photographers or something!? After I finished their breathtaking new website, I handed them the keys to being able to easily make any changes or updates they needed, mind you, their new platform now featured government level security as well. No more calling a geek in a cubicle to change your business phone number on your website. 

This blew their minds, and word started getting around. So I started putting together multi-media packages (website, videos, photos, logos, and miscellaneous graphic design) for companies large and small, and was being contracted left and right. My pricing stayed low and my turnaround time continued to beat out any competitor by a long-shot, because I truly believed and believe today that branding should be a package deal and companies shouldn't have to A. Do the ground work themselves if they're paying for it, and B. Shouldn't have to wait so long for their end product. 

But now, Astrolabe has expanded and we've got more team-members, and we're VERY hungry for more projects. So we've developed Turboboost Project Prioritization, an option for companies in a rush to put their project up near the top of the queue, basically bringing your final product from 3x faster than the industry average, to 5x faster, for a minimal increase in price. 

How can we achieve this in a fair way? For starters, we meet or beat deadlines, for everybody, period. But for those clients who need faster turnaround times, we've now got the manpower to shift attention and meet a faster deadline for a new customer, while still providing products on time for all customers on deck. Sometimes, this means some of us working overtime... But we're doing what we love, so that's okay by us. 

I can guarantee you a faster turnaround time on a better and more affordable website, video, photography project, graphic design, and more. 

- Israel Matson